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Respected feminist thinker and gender equality advocate, Jo Crawford, receives ACFID’s Outstanding Contribution to the Sector Award

Aug 2, 2022 | Media Releases

Joanne Crawford, Special Adviser, Equality Insights, for the International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) has been presented with ACFID’s 2021 ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Sector Award’ for her extraordinary work in the areas of gender equality and more inclusive and sustainable development.

For over 35 years Joanne has worked across government, civil society, universities and as a consultant to progress positive change through research, public policy, collaboration and activism, with a sustained focus on equality and international engagement. Her path-breaking research has led to a much greater understanding of the contributing factors that sustain gender inequality, which she has translated into practical insights for policy makers and practitioners.

On presenting the award, ACFID President Susan Pascoe said

“Joanne’s longstanding and tenacious approach to transforming policy, research and advocacy on gender inequality means that it’s now possible to see how gender, age, disability, ethnicity, geography and their intersections, shape and deepen disadvantage.

“Her unwavering contribution to this work, involving – at times – significant personal cost, has been pivotal to the achievements in this area.”

On receiving her award, Joanne said

“I am deeply honoured to receive this award. It is of course hugely gratifying to have one’s work and commitment recognised in this way. But what means most is the symbolic significance of this award. It acknowledges that much work for change – and especially transforming gender inequality – is about cumulative effect, not singular moments.

“Gender inequality is rooted deep in systems, structures, institutions and norms, in ways that are invisible to many, and difficult to challenge and change. Change requires sustained, consistent work, taking even imperfect opportunities, pushing thinking, policies and practice further, faster. It also involves supporting and enabling others to enact change. We do this work together, not alone. This award acknowledges the significance of feminist persistence and collective leadership.”

Commenting on Joanne’s extraordinary work and commitment to IWDA and the broader sector, IWDA CEO, Bettina Baldeschi, said

“Jo has made a singular and sustained contribution to IWDA, over some two decades. She has influenced the nature and shape of IWDA – its focus and orientation, policies and practices, tools and impact… Jo’s contributions to the sector have been sustained and notable. She has played a key role in communicating how gender equality can be advanced through development policy and practice.


About the Award

The Outstanding Contribution to the Sector Award is presented to an individual or organisation that:

  • Has made an outstanding contribution to the Australian aid and development NGO sector over an extended period of time.
  • Has made a substantial and sustained contribution to the whole sector – more than only within their own agency
  • Recognises voluntarism and looks for contribution above and beyond paid employment.

Previous recipients of the award have included Rhonda Chapman, leading Aid & Development practitioner (2018), the Rev John Deane, Executive Director of the Anglican Board of Mission (2016) and former CEO of ADRA Australia, Mark Webster (2017).

Joanne Crawford
Joanne Crawford